Monsoon Season 2010

Finally, 2010’s monsoon season is upon us here in the Arizona desert.  Saw an INCREDIBLE storm driving home two nights ago, but by the time I was home and could run up to the roof with the camera (yes, I go up on the roof of my house during lightning storms)… the storm had moved off to the East, and I got only a handful of very disappointing shots.  Tonight, a very fast-moving storm came through — this time actually moving West.  I missed the chance to pick up any shots with the Superstitions in the foreground, but did pick up a few shots as the storm skated by to the North, heading West.

See my flickr set “Lightning” for more photos throughout the season.

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Boycott Diamondbacks – Protest at Chase Field

Photos from protest — On May 20, 2010, demonstrators gathered at Chase Field (Bank One Ballpark) to protest the Arizona Diamondbacks’ open support of SB1070.  The protest included a choreographed dance, call-and-respond chants and a picket line.

This is one of series of demonstrations protesters have held at Diamondback games over the past month.

Photos available in flickr set “Boycott Diamondbacks – May 20, 2010,” with larger versions available for viewing below.

Boycott Diamondbacks
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Cinco de Mayo March to Arizona State Capitol

Cinco de Mayo protest/march to the Arizona State Capitol building.

On May 5, protesters marched across downtown Phoenix to the State Capitol Building, then held a candle-light vigil.

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Photos available in flickr set “Cinco de Mayo 2010,” with larger versions available for viewing below.

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May Day Protest, May 1, 2010 – State Capitol Building, Phoenix Arizona.

Photo gallery below; images also available in the flickr set “May Day 2010

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Photo-A-Day for 30 Days

If you want to follow along, this might be an interesting experiment.  An idea from some new friends I met at the Photoshop World convention back in October, I’ve joined a “Photo A Day” project — we take a single image a day for 30 days and post them to a pool in flickr.  The 30-days just started today.  I usually think these projects are kinda cheesy, but for some reason I’ve jumped into this one.

You can see my personal “Photo A Day” photos here:

You can see the entire group’s photos here:

You can also search twitter for the hashtag “#PhotoADay” to see our tweets about it.  This link should work:

Feel free to comment if you want.  You already have a flickr account if you have a yahoo account (yahoo owns flickr now, and all yahoo accounts automagically are also flickr accounts, too).

Wish me luck!