See My Concert Submission on Retouch Thursday!

I’m very excited — I just heard from Jason Hoppe — the Photoshop instructor at creativetechs — I’ve had an image selected for their Retouch Thursday program, October 8, 2009!  Retouch Thursday is an INCREDIBLE program, and I highly recommend it.

If you can tune in this Thursday, you’ll even get to hear yours truly on the phone with Jason, discussing my images below!

For Jason’s (and my own readers!) benefit, I’ve put a brief description of the retouch below — The actual web form used to submit images to Jason only allows 100 characters for comments, so I put my full description here for easier reading…


Here is a retouch I’d love to see if you’re interested.  I love the backlighting and lens flare in this shot, but right at the moment of exposure, the guitarist/singer moved his hand just out of frame, and his hand is clipped.  I have several shots around this, with the hand visible, but no lens flare.  I’d have preferred the shot with the lens flare, but still have his entire hand in the shot.  I’ll upload the lens flare shot, as well as one short immediately before it with his hand still in-frame.  I have a number of other shots “close-by” these, if you’d like to have more to work with.

Let me know if you’re interested!

Attached file is Nikon D90 NEF raw file.  I’ll be happy to export jpgs if you prefer, but what what I heard from Rich, you’d prefer the original raw images.

– Chuck



UPDATE – Oct 8 – Here’s the result!


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — JASON IS AMAZING!  Keep in eye on the creativetechs web site for the video showing how this retouch was done.


UPDATE – Oct 11 – The great folks at creativetechs gave me the link below to an online version of this video – You can watch it on-demand!

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